Your Exclusive Maxvert 1 Driver Tips

Not hitting the Maxvert Driver as far as you hoped?


We at VLS Golf live to help casual and experienced golfers absolutely kill it with their driver. It's why we designed the Maxvert, and it's why we want to do everything we can to help you get the best performance from your new club.

We’re giving you exclusive access to three driver tips from our popular Maxlaunch Driver Series. 

These tips all target major swing faults you probably don’t even realize you’re making—errors that happen unconsciously when your body is reaching for more speed and length. 

The good news is, these issues are easy to fix and have the power to revive your tee shots (especially when you're swinging your Maxvert). So let’s get to it.

Driver Tip #1: Stop Dropping the Club on the Backswing

Are you dropping the driver at the top of your backswing? A lot of golfers do, especially as they lose flexibility. They can’t rotate as deeply, so they reach for a longer swing with their arms, dropping the wrists at the top in an effort to create a little more length.

Now, how do you know if you’re making this driver mistake? And what’s the fix?

You want to feel like your thumbs are pointed at the sky when you reach the top of your backswing. If your thumbs are pointing at the target or at the ground, you know you’re dropping the club.

To get more length, let your trail leg release on the backswing and turn your hips. It’s an easy, pain-free way to achieve a longer swing without destroying your contact.

Check out this video for practice tips:


Driver Tip #2: Stop Coming Out of Your Posture

If you struggle to get decent contact with your driver, pay attention to this tip.

Coming up out of your posture is one of the most pervasive swing faults among experienced golfers. This is another problem caused by loss of flexibility. You instinctively rise up out of your posture as you swing back, trying to find more length in the backswing.

This undoes all the hard work you did to create the perfect angles in your driver setup. 

What you want to do instead is feel like you’re reaching for something low and behind you on the backswing. That will help you stay in your posture. 


Driver Tip #3: Stop the Sway

Here at VLS Golf, we talk about shifting weight throughout your swing a lot. That weight shift—also known as pivot—is the best way for older golfers to generate more swing speed for longer drives. But you’ve got to make sure you’re moving your weight to the inside of your foot.

A lot of golfers shift weight to the outside of their trail foot on the backswing. We call this a “sway,” and it throws you (and your swing) off balance.

If you’re swaying, you’re probably not changing your knee flex in the backswing. As you swing to the top, you want to release the flex in your trail leg and increase the bend in your lead leg. This sets your hips and pelvis at an angle that keeps your weight on the inside of your foot.

Check out the video to see what we mean. 


Nothing too difficult here, right? But then, that’s the whole point of the Maxlaunch Driver Series and everything VLS does. We’re here to help you play a better game, which means providing information that’s easy to learn and easy to apply. 

 Give these driver tips a shot with your Maxvert 1 driver and let us know how it went!