VLS Maxvert Driver Review: Designed for Everyday Golfers

VLS Maxvert Driver Review: Designed for Everyday Golfers

If you’re looking for a Maxvert driver review, you’re probably among the countless casual golfers who are sick of struggling with the club that’s supposed to be fun.

Whether you’re looking for more speed, better accuracy, or just fewer slices, the all-new Maxvert promises to solve all your problems.

But does it work? And what does it actually mean for a driver to be “designed for the everyday golfer”? 

We’ve got the answers you’re looking for right here.

What Makes the VLS Maxvert Driver Different?

The VLS Maxvert 1 driver was designed to be the solution for an industry seemingly obsessed with the elite golfer’s game.

As a general rule, drivers are made with performance in mind… that is, the performance of elite golfers. Clubmakers create traditional drivers to serve professional-level accuracy, consistency, and speed.

The Maxvert Driver, however, was designed by the VLS team to meet the everyday golfer where they are. It’s a club that’s easier to control, accommodates a vertical swing (which means more length for less flexible players), and is vastly more forgiving than a typical driver.

This club also includes features that make it more forgiving of miss-hits and achieve maximum carry for the golfer’s swing speed.

Top Features

So what are the defining features of the Maxvert Driver?

The club’s amateur-friendly design includes:

  • Shaft Shift Technology – The hosel is positioned closer to the center of the clubhead, connecting the shaft more directly to the center of gravity. This gives the golfer more control at impact.

  • Perimeter Payload – Draw-biased weighting on the heel provides more stability, an easier release, and more forgiveness on those off-center shots.

  • Fairway Finder Alignment Guide – Three crisp lines on the crown help golfers square the clubface more accurately at setup.

  • Tru-Hex Flex Face – A hexagonal target makes finding the sweet spot a breeze.

  • Shorter Driver Shaft – This makes the Maxvert much easier to control than a standard driver.

  • A More Upright Shaft Lie – Traditional drivers are designed with a flat lie that encourages a flat backswing—a swing style that kills the casual golfer’s distance and back. This upright lie encourages a more effective and body-friendly vertical swing path.

To put it in numbers, here are the Maxvert Playability Tuned Specs:

Loft – 11 degrees

Lie Angle – 62 degrees

Length – 44.5”

Shaft Flex Options

  • Stiff: 70 grams
  • Regular: 60 grams
  • Senior: 50 grams
  • Ladies: 50 grams

Design Team

No Maxvert Driver review would be complete without the details of the design team. In fact, the design history is one of the most compelling aspects of this golf club.

The Maxvert Driver is the only driver designed by a major champion coach. Frustrated by the industry’s neglect of amateur golfers, four-time Golf Digest Best-in-State Instructor Todd Kolb decided to fill the gap.

It’s only appropriate that Kolb would be the one to take on this mission. His revolutionary Vertical Line System (VLS), groundbreaking book, and amateur-friendly training aids have already proven to be game-changers for experienced golfers.

Kolb teamed up with Josh Boggs, a top club designer with a dozen Golf Digest Hot List medals to his name. 

Together, they designed the Maxvert Driver, focused on one simple goal:

To build a club around the average golfer’s swing rather than demanding that the average golfer build their swing around a club.

Cost and Guarantee

The Maxvert is currently available for $289.00. That includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. The club does not have to be in pristine condition to return it, making this a virtually risk-free purchase.

You can snag your own Maxvert here.

The VLS Maxvert 1 driver was built to conform to the rules of golf and is pending final certification for 2023.

Maxvert Driver Review: Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. We’ve tested the club ourselves and have seen the results other golfers have gotten. Without exception, the Maxvert gets remarkable distance and is easier to hit straight than any other driver we’ve tried.

And with the money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Want to check it out for yourself? Watch this video to discover the driver designed for you.

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