The Real Reason You Still Haven’t Cured Your Driver Slice

The driver slice is the bane of every golfer’s existence.

As a golf instructor, I know the numbers. The vast majority of golfers who can’t stop slicing are fighting this battle on the tee specifically. And that simple fact alone should give you hope.


Because it suggests this harrowing problem isn’t about you. Or at least, it isn’t only about you.

There’s a reason most golfers can’t stop slicing their drivers. And only when you understand what that reason is can you actually fix it.

I’m about to lay it all out for you. You’ll learn:

  • Why your driver’s design is behind all that incessant slicing
  • How you can overcome this design issue
  • A drill that will help you put a stop to the slice once and for all with any driver

Let’s start by clarifying the heart of the problem.

Why You Can Blame Your Club for Your Driver Slice 

It’s true: your driver slice is likely your driver’s fault.

See, major clubmakers design drivers that professional golfers will love and endorse. 

These clubs are made to get the best performance from the guys and gals who have insane swing speed… the players who have the time and ability to perfect complicated swing techniques and get solid, center-of-the-face contact every time.

Just look at your own driver. 

It’s the longest club in your bag, which means it’s the hardest to control. And the shaft—the only part of the club you have contact with—enters the clubhead far back on the heel. It’s nowhere near the center of gravity.

The clubhead’s center of gravity is literally out of your hands. No wonder you’re having a hard time getting the clubface back to square at impact!

Plus, your driver has the least loft of all the clubs in your bag. That might be fine for the pros who have no trouble launching a high draw off the tee. But for the casual golfer, that low loft drastically increases the odds of a slice.

For these reasons (among others!), your driver is the hardest club in your bag to control. It just is. Add in the fact that this is the club you swing the hardest, and you’ve got a formula for constant disaster and disappointment.

But don’t lose heart yet. 

The Solution to the Driver Problem

For decades, the only solution to the driver problem was more practice. If the everyday golfer wanted to conquer their driver slice, their only option was to do their best to cultivate the skills their club demanded of them.

A tall order, considering all drivers are made for elite-level abilities.

But you have a better option. 

There is now a driver on the market that was designed around the abilities of casual golfers. In fact, I personally partnered with hot-shot designer Josh Boggs to create a driver that would serve the swing of experienced golfers—golfers over forty.

It’s called the VLS Maxvert 1 Driver. You can learn about all the Maxvert’s features here. But for now, I wanna tell you about the one brilliant feature that makes this club an anti-slice weapon on the tee.

We call it “Shaft Shift Technology.” Instead of having the hosel clear at the back of the heel, the Maxvert shifts the hosel closer to center. This means the club shaft connects with the clubhead closer to the center of gravity.

It’s similar to what you see in your putter, and it gives you way more control at impact.

Sounds like such a simple thing, but it’s already bringing experienced golfers a lot more success and confidence on the tee. If you want to try the Maxvert for yourself risk free, just follow this link.

But if now isn’t the time to switch out your driver, I’ve still got you covered. You’re about to learn a drill that will help you fix your slice with any driver. 

A Drill to Fix Your Driver Slice, No Matter the Club

All you need to run this drill is your driver and a ball. Actually, you can even do this one without those things if you just want to imagine you’re holding your driver. It’s all about mastering your swing motion, and you can do that in your living room.

The steps are easy:

  1. Step back from the golf ball.
  2. Grip your driver in your lead hand only.
  3. Make a swing without the ball, staying aware of the logo on your golf glove. (You can just imagine where the logo would be if you’re not wearing a glove.)
  4. As you swing forward and through, make sure the logo rotates downward.
  5. Do three practice swings this way, then step up to the ball and make your golf shot.

If you’ve been struggling to fix your driver slice, this drill will probably show you right away that you have a habit of keeping the logo pointing skyward as you swing through. This means you’re opening the clubface.

When you rotate the logo downward, however, you square the clubface at impact.

Practice this a few times, and I guarantee you’ll start seeing better results.

Time to Finally Ditch Your Driver Slice

If these solutions seem a little too easy, it’s only because you’ve been working with tools and advice that were designed for someone else’s game.

But you know that the VLS team is all about you—your swing, your skill set, and your true potential on the golf course.

So give this drill a shot and let us know what you think! And if you want to learn more about the revolutionary VLS Maxvert 1 Driver, check it out right here.

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