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VLS Maxvert 1 Hybrid - 22° Deal

VLS Maxvert 1 Hybrid - 22° Deal

Outperforms the big brands’ hybrids for distance, height, accuracy and consistency – especially if you’re getting up there in years. 

  • A lightweight clubhead and shaft that boost your swing speed for extra distance
  • “Draw-bias” weighting to tame (if not destroy) a slice and promote a powerful, right-to-left ball flight
  • A hosel that’s closer to the center of the clubface than others, so it’s easier to square up through impact for killer accuracy
  • A more vertical (upright) lie angle that helps lengthen your swing and makes striking the sweet spot even easier
  • A “Fairway Finder” alignment guide on the crown, plus a flatter sole and straighter leading edge, which combine to line you up dead on target – it’s almost automatic

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