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Vertical Line Board

Vertical Line Board

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*Can be used by both right-handed and left-handed golfers

The Vertical Line Board can help you fix the flaws that hold you back and build new, score-slashing skills.

  • Cure a slice – and make sure it never comes back – by getting aligned and aimed correctly. You can fix an outside-to-in swing path, too.
  • Boost your driving distance by instilling a ball position that promotes an upward strike – proven to increase launch angle and carry yardage.
  • Hit a jaw-dropping, tour-style draw – the shot every amateur covets, but few ever master. You’ll turn the ball right to left effortlessly, with any club in the bag, whenever it’s called for.
  • Shape your shots on command. Need a soft fade around a dogleg right? A penetrating draw into a strong wind? The Vertical Line Board will transform you into a genuine shotmaker. 
  • Control your trajectory to fit any situation. Sometimes you’ve got to loft the ball high. Other times, only a low bullet will do. You’ll learn to hit both shots – and everything in between – using the Vertical Line Board.

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