VLS Maxvert 1 Hybrid Review: A Club Designed for YOUR Swing

VLS Maxvert 1 Hybrid Review: A Club Designed for YOUR Swing

Curious about the new VLS Maxvert 1 hybrid?

Who could blame you? This hybrid was developed by a major champion coach and one of the most respected club designers in the game. And to the best of our knowledge, it’s the only hybrid created specifically for older and casual golfers.

But what does that mean exactly? And is it realistic to believe that a few changes in hybrid design could change your performance on the golf course?

We’ve got those answers and more right here.

What Makes the Maxvert 1 Different From Other Hybrids?

The VLS Maxvert 1 hybrid is the brainchild of Todd Kolb, a four-time Golf Digest Best-in-State Instructor, creator of the Vertical Line Swing System, and author of the book, The Bad Lie.

If you’re familiar with Kolb, you know his biggest beef with both traditional golf instruction and traditional club design:

The industry is pro-obsessed.

Everything that’s sold to you—including your big-name hybrid—is actually built around the abilities of the best players in the world, not you. That’s why you struggle so much to get decent contact, distance, and accuracy with the club that’s supposed to be your easiest club to hit.

So Kolb teamed up with designer Josh Boggs to develop a club that gets the most out of your body and skill set. According to Kolb and Boggs, the Maxvert helps “experienced” golfers:

  • Achieve solid, center-strike contact effortlessly
  • Stop chunking, topping, and slicing
  • Improve their aim
  • Launch the ball higher and put an end to low bullets
  • Get a lot more carry distance

And you’re supposed to be able to get these results with the Maxvert even if you’ve lost a lot of flexibility and strength.

How is this possible? 

Good question.

Key Features of the VLS Maxvert 1 Hybrid

Here are the most notable features of the Maxvert hybrid and how they compare to the design of your current hybrid.

Shorter Shaft

The long shaft of a traditional hybrid makes this particular club a beast to aim and tricky to control at impact. The Maxvert features a slightly shorter shaft to help you improve both aim and the quality of contact.

Vertical Lie Angle

Traditional hybrids are built with a flat lie angle that forces you to create a flat backswing. This isn’t a problem if you’ve got the flexibility of a twentysomething. But those of us who are little older find that this angle shortens our swing and kills our distance.

The VLS Maxvert 1 hybrid is built with a more vertical lie angle to facilitate a longer, more vertical backswing.

Shaft Shift Technology

Your current hybrid has the hosel way back on the heel. This challenges your control over the clubhead and promotes the dreaded over-the-top swing for amateur golfers. 

In the Maxvert, the shaft enters the club closer to the center of gravity—essentially an anti-casting design to help you hit pure, flush shots and eliminate the slice.

Active Hot-Strike Surface

Here’s a fun one. The VLS Maxvert 1 hybrid boasts a thin, stainless steel face that basically works like a springboard to rocket the ball down the fairway.

For those of us who’ve lost a little swing speed over the years, this feature means we get more yards for our effort.

Perimeter Payload

This draw-biased heel weighting effectively lightens the toe for an easier release, purer contact, and high draws.

Ground Hugging Sole and Straight Leading Edge

The curvature of your current hybrid’s clubhead is a nightmare for aim and contact.

Kolb and Boggs designed the Maxvert with a ground hugging sole and a straight leading edge to combat this issue. These features work together to create a low center of gravity for simplified aim, higher launch, and an end to chili dips.

Fairway Finder Alignment Guide

For whatever reason, most hybrids don’t come with guiding lines on the crown the way your putter does. (Never mind the fact that this club is one of the toughest to aim.)

The Maxvert does have this advantage thanks to its built-in Fairway Finder Alignment Guide.

Bottom Line: Does the Club Work?

To be perfectly honest, we’re shocked by how well the VLS Maxvert 1 Hybrid follows through on its promises. 

When we tried it for ourselves, we found that it was much easier to get a high launch with the Maxvert than with our regular hybrids. It was easier to nail the sweet spot and even mishits still landed fairly close to the intended target.

And yes, we did pick up some extra yards.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can watch testimonials from golfers like you right here.

Frequently Asked Questions About the VLS Maxvert Hybrid

Does the VLS Maxvert Hybrid conform to the rules of golf?

The Maxvert Hybrid is designed to conform to the rules of golf and is pending USGA certification.

Do I have to use the Vertical Line Swing to benefit from the Maxvert?

Nope! Combining the principles of the Vertical Line Swing System with the design benefits of the Maxvert hybrid is a great idea. But this club was designed to help you get results immediately without having to change your swing.

How much does it cost?

This club is currently available for $229.

What’s the return policy?

The Maxvert comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. You don’t even have to return it in pristine condition.

Try It for Yourself!

The risk is low and the potential rewards are huge. Are you ready to find out what this revolutionary club can do for your golf game?

Click here to learn more, see testimonials from golfers like you, or snag a Maxvert for yourself.
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