Vertical Line Swing Stacker

Vertical Line Swing Stacker Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of the Vertical Line Swing Stacker. We’ve worked hard to design the perfect tool for perfecting those critical, game-defining fundamentals. With this training aid, you’ll be able to work on multiple parts of your golf game and start seeing improvements in no time!

But first, let's make sure you are using the Stacker properly. For starters, let's get you wearing it properly.

Color Placement: you will have one blue and one red Swing Stacker, which will primarily be used around your forearms. To maximize use and to make instruction simpler for both right- and left-handed golfers, we will refer to your lead arm and trail arm.

Lead Arm - Red Stacker
Trail Arm - Blue Stacker 

Your lead arm will be closer to your target, so if you're right-handed, this will be your left arm.  If you're left-handed, your trail arm will be your right arm.

You will also notice both of the VLS Stackers are slightly thicker on one side than the other.  The thicker portion should be the Top (closer to your elbows) and the thinner portions should be the Bottom (closer to the club). This will help create a wedge or V between your arms.

Here is a quick video helping demostrate some simple ways to use your new Vertical Line Swing Stacker:



Stay tuned for more great tips using the VLS Stacker!

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