Vertical Line Board: The Multipurpose Golf Training Aid That Grows With Your Game

Vertical Line Board: The Multipurpose Golf Training Aid That Grows With Your Game

The team at VLS Golf has released another product promising to make the game of golf simpler, more accessible, and more enjoyable for the average golfer. This time it’s a multi-function training aid called the Vertical Line Board.

What makes this item stand out in the market is its promise to help golfers master the most essential skills using a single tool. 

Designed for Performance

The VLS Golf team designed the Vertical Line Board to harness ball flight laws for the player’s advantage. Their approach was to create a device for drilling the handful of precision skills that have the greatest impact on the quality of ball contact. 

These critical fundamentals include:

  • Feet and body alignment
  • Clubface aim
  • Ball position
  • Takeaway path
  • Pre- and post-impact path

These five elements crucially influence several aspects of the golf swing. Mastering them is key for:

  • Eliminating the slice
  • Hitting high draws
  • Shaping golf shots to navigate hazards and wind
  • Gaining control over trajectory
  • Increasing distance distance
  • Improving contact, accuracy, and consistency

Most golfers practice these skills using alignment rods and similar tools that must be repositioned for each drill. The major selling point of the Vertical Line Board is that it provides golfers with literal guidelines for mastering these swing elements without the complicated setup. 

This allows for simpler, more efficient practice sessions. It also eliminates the risk of beginner error, as golfers don’t have to define proper angles and alignment for themselves.

Designed for Simplicity

The Vertical Line Board is lightweight and compact for easy storage and transportation. Its deceptively simple design features highlights such as:

  • Hi-Launch Driver Slots for finding the perfect ball position for maximum distance
  • Auto-Strike Zone with precise positioning to make solid contact with irons
  • Tour Draw Zone with swing path guidelines to help cure a slice and master draws

This training aid is especially unique in its potential to grow with the golfer. Because the Vertical Line Board covers so many precision skill sets, users can return to it to develop new, higher level skills as their game improves. 

Students of Todd Kolb’s Vertical Line Swing System will find this tool to be an excellent aid as they build a new body-friendly swing. This does not mean users have to know the VLS System, however. The Vertical Line Board is designed to serve all golfers at all levels of the game.

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