The Bad Lie: The Book That’s Reinventing Golf Instruction

The Bad Lie: The Book That’s Reinventing Golf Instruction

Four-time Golf Digest Best in State Instructor Todd Kolb has just released a new book distilling more than two decades of career insight into one compelling premise:

The golf industry’s most revered swing advice is hurting the game of the average golfer.

The book is called The Bad Lie: Why Traditional Golf Instruction is Failing You (And What to Do Instead). As Kolb explains it, “the bad lie” is the promise that amateur golfers can play their best by emulating the swing techniques of the game’s top players. He argues that traditional golf instruction—a method created to make the most of elite athletes’ abilities—neglects the limitations and strengths of casual golfers. 

This is where his Vertical Line Swing System comes in. Already a wildly successful video instruction series, the VLS System helps amateur golfers rebuild their swing using body-friendly techniques. While Kolb’s method might appeal most significantly to senior golfers or golfers recovering from surgery or injury, the system is designed to help anyone increase swing speed, improve accuracy, and feel more confident on the course.

What’s in the Book?

The Bad Lie presents the same techniques Kolb teaches in the VLS video course, but with added insights on strategy, practice-building, and speed-generation techniques. 

The book is broken into five parts:

  • Part One – It’s Not You, It’s Them: Why Traditional Instruction is Failing You
  • Part Two – The Vertical Line Swing System: Building a Powerful Golf Swing, Piece by Piece
  • Part Three – Faults & Fixes: Diagnosis and Cure for the Most Common Golf Mistakes
  • Part Four – The Vertical Line System Short Game: Playing Smarter Around the Green
  • Part Five – The Vertical Line Swing Strategy: Prioritize Your Practice to Transform Your Golf Game

Designed for easy reference on the golf course or driving range, Kolb’s simple instruction includes step-by-step drills, setup checklists, checkpoints, and a scoring system to guide practice strategy. 

Who is Todd Kolb?

In addition to being a four-time Golf Digest Best in State Instructor, Todd Kolb has been named the Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year and has worked with students ranging from high school players to a major championship and LPGA Tour winner. 

Todd and his team at USGolfTV have amassed a YouTube channel with 200,000 subscribers and counting. He also serves as the Director of Instruction for the Sanford POWER Golf Academy.

His ground-breaking new book is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

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