G-Track Putter Tips

G-Track Putter Tips

Thank you for purchasing your new G-Track Adjustable Putter! We know that with the G-Track, you will start rolling better putts and shooting lower scores!

To get the most out of your new putter, we've put together the following list of videos with tips and tricks to really maximize your potential.

The first 2 videos help introduce you to the adjustability, and how you can use the longer grip in multiple ways. 

Adjusting the G-Track Putter

Longer Grip Benefits

G-Track Tips

This Putting Stroke Tip will Help You Stop 3 Putting: https://youtu.be/WRx7MdZFgwU

My 3T System for Making More Putts: https://youtu.be/zg8EP_Eqsi4

3 Simple Ways to Make You a Better Putter - https://youtu.be/OriUHp4mkv8

How to Use a Longer Putter Like a Pro - https://youtu.be/K0bLa2-_BR4

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